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to police and talked to us as we were standing out here today. the cab was parked here on pond street right where the channel 9 vehicle is right now. back there is anacostia avenue northeast. according to our witness and the man who talked to police, the suspect pulled the cab driver out of the cab, put him on the sidewalk, stripped him of his clothes and demanded money. the cab driver more than once repeated, i don't have any money. the suspect went through the cab looking for cash, came back, put a bullet into the head of the cab driver. he was able to dial 911 and then he put the cab somehow in reverse and backed into the park where he apparently died. now, according to court papers and our witness, the suspect fled this way and this is where police found the cab driver's wallet, his identification, and some clothing belonging to the suspect. >> court documents say hishad has been charged. he was in the custody of the dc government's services. a sign to a community based group home. but sources say slye had walked away, ignoring curfew this past weekend after he was denied a pass to vi
carren has been in the courtroom since the trial started to tell us about some of the evidence presented to the jury today and every day just more dramatic, andrea? >> reporter: that's right, derek. in fact, late today the jury watched a crime scene videotape and so graphic and ugly one spectator ran out of the courtroom. >> reporter: an audio top of brittany norwood's first interview with police from her hospital bed at suburban. the packed courtroom listened in stunned silence as she asked about jayna murray, the woman her lawyer has since acknowledged she killed. can you tell me how my friend is doing, she asked in a quiet voice. norwood details her elaborately concocted tale of two masked men who allegedly beat and sexually assaulted the two women after they returned to lululemon to retrieve norwood's wallet. norwood sobbed "there was so much blood and all i could think is that it was all my fault because i lost my wallet." the jury saw photographs of norwood in the hospital with a cut on her forehead, a gash on her hand and minor scratches. a police witness held up a pair of her soc
's huge announcement. war over. danielle? >> well, derek, president obama says the u.s. and iraq can now finally have a normal relationship. and iraq can truly begin its transition. >> president obama is declaring an end to the war in iraq. >> our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> from the white house briefing room, the president said all u.s. forces will be on their way home by the end of this year. his announcement came after a secure video conference with iraqi prime minister nory al- maliki. the two leaders congratulated each other and promised to move forward as allies. >> with our diplomats and civilian advisers in the lead, will help iraqi strengthen institutions that are just, representative and accountable. >> the white house spent months negotiating with iraqi leaders to keep several thousand troops there as training force. in the end, officials wouldn't agree to give them immunity from prosecution in iraqi courts. that was a deal breaker for the obama administering. nearly 40,000 u.s. troops in iraq right now will come home or be redeployed only a sma
are back on the job according to the u.s. labor department, new numbers out just today showed employers added just over 100,000 jobs in september. but it wasn't even enough to make a dent in the nation's high unemployment rate. alexis christophorus continues our many team coverage from wall street. >> reporter: 32-year-old jason cross has been out of work for months. >> i just recently resigned another unemployment. >> reporter: new figures out today show the unemployment rate remained at 9.1% in september. even though employers added 103,000 jobs. that's better than most an expected. but jason and others who have joined the ranks at the occupy wall street protest don't feel the small month to month differences. unemployment has been stuck near or above 9% for more than two years. >> but i have seen the way the market goes and i have seen the way -- between the crashes and the debt crisis and all that. i wasn't really surprised at all. >> reporter: the white house says today's new unemployment numbers are unacceptable and underscore the need for president obama's $447 billion jobs bill.
this is a young woman who struggled to survive. the state says brittany norwood used six to eight different weapons in the attack. one that may have lasted as long as 20 to 30 minutes. norwood allegedly used a hammer, a knife, a bar designed to hold store merchandise and even box cutters. she allegedly slashed murray's rear to imply a sexual assault. this autopsy picture shows the multitude of wounds on the top of murray's head. the courtroom was packed and after days of speculation, a stunning defense stranggy emerged. said defense attorney doug wood, she is not guilty of first-degree murder. jayna was killed by britney, it was not premeditated, not deliberate, there was no malice. but norwood allegedly staged a crime scene after the killing. she was found tied up and on the floor with self-inflicted wounds most of them superficial. at the end of the day a police officer testified norwood had slashed at the crotch of her own pants exposing her genital area. later shield say she was sexually assaulted. >> reporter: joining me now is our legal analyst to talk more about that defens
, piece together what police believe is the motive here. >> police are just telling us, quote, that the suspect was very angry with this family. apparently the suspect was paid to marry the victim's mother because of her immigration issues. right now, they are going through a very nasty divorce. 42-year-old david hang moved out of the family home in 2006. he has been a ride on bus driver in the county for five years and called out sick the afternoon of the murder. jessica nguyen's body was found in the basement of her home. we're told she was stabbed more than 40 times. investigators say the suspect's hand was swollen and found his dna at the crime scene. >> this was an arranged marriage to satisfy immigration consequences. i believe he thought he could get out of it at some point in time and he wanted out in order to go on with his life with his new wife. >> though he is still technically married to the victim's mother, he is married to another woman in colorado. tonight he is held without bail here in montgomery county. back to you, lesli. >> delia, thank you. the mayor h
. >> defendant monsur, an iranian who is a naturalized u.s. citizen allegedly made a $100,000 down payment on the $1.5 million assassination with funds from the government of iran. the other defendant has been charged, but is not yet in custody. the statement made no mention at all of the government of iran, which of course the u.s. blames for that planned assassination. we are live outside the saudi embassy in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> right now the senate is getting ready for a critical first vote on the president's jobs bill and it doesn't look like it has the votes to pass, at least at this point. danielle nottingham is live with the details of what we are going to see today. danielle. >> anita, the senate is expected to vote on the president's jobs plan within the next hour and right now it looks like the bill won't get very far from there. >> president obama made its pitch for the american jobs act to supporters at a union training center in pittsburgh. >> right now, our economy needs a jolt. >> pennsylvania is a key state for the president's reelectio
on a sentence. peggy fox has been covering the trial since it began and joins us with more now as it all unfolds, peggy? >> reporter: well, it took a jury of eight men and four women just six hours to convict carmela dela rosa, to find her guilty of first-degree murder. and now, the jury decided to sentence carmela dela rosa to not life, but 35 years in prison. the jury did not buy her insanity defense. her attorneys tried to prove that she did not know what she was doing, the night she threw her grandchild, 2 1/2-year-old off the 35-foot high sky bridge at the corner center, right if many front of the baby's mother and other family members last november. and now, a short time ago, family and friends, they left the courthouse, there were a lot of tears in the courtroom today. and no sense of victory. >> i thought the case was, you know, a difficult case for both sides, nothing really surprises me in the jury system. i'm disappointed. >> she was really mean and an angry person. they certainly played a role, but certainly it was not an excuse for killing a child. >> reporter: now, a judge will be
that the whole thing is a cynical attempt by the u.s. to distract attention from our own economic problems. anita? >> bruce leshan in the satellite center. thank you. >>> well, a major turn of events today for the so-called underwear bomber. during the second day of the trial he changed the plea to guilty to all the counts against him including attempted murder and terrorism charges. umar farouk abdulmutallab admits that on christmas day 2009 he tried to bring down a northwest airlines flight from amsterdam to detroit with a bomb in his underwear. his stated motive retaliation for muslims the u.s. had killed. >>> the new leader of al cay die is calling on libyan fighters who overthrew muammar gadhafi to set up an islamic state. he warns the libyan revolutionaries against what he calls western plot. he says nato forces that have aided the rebel fighters will now demand that libyans give up their islamic faith and also urging algerians to revolt against their long time leader. his remarks appear in a 13 minute video that's surfaced on militant websites. [ bell dinging ] >>> that bell tolled 17 time
, very modest impact. frankly, the impact will probably be too small for us to notice. given all the other things hitting us, higher gas prices, what depose goes on in europe. >> not every struggling homeowner will qualify. they must have made their last six mortgage payments and a steady source of income. >> and the president will also visit california and colorado on this three-day trip and on wednesday in colorado, he will unveil his plan to help people pay their college loans. live at the white house, danielle nottingham, now back to you. >> thanks so much. house republicans are pitching their own jobs plan tonight. before i tell you about that, i should tell you there's been optimism to start the week on wall street. the dow finished the day up almost 105 points. the nasdaq closed 62 points higher and s & p 500 rose about 16. now to that house republicans plan they are pitching their own ideas tonight. the six year transportation construction plan would spend about $285 billion, but supporters say it would spur investment in roads, bridges, and transit systems through fe
in this park area behind us and there seems to be no end by the occupation of protestors downtown. the demonstration in downtown new york turned ugly when protestors took to the streets and headed for the stock exchange. police stepped in to make arrests and clear the crowd. eyewitnesses say this demonstrator was struck by an nypd motorcycle. he tried to free his trapped foot and officers dragged him away. the trouble followed what had been a victory for the hundreds camped out here in a near park. the city threatened to move everybody out to clean the area but the last minute decided to let them stay. >> we are articulate people, we are considerate people. we are here to stand up for humanity. >> reporter: protestors across the country many blame corporate greed for unemployment and the economic state of america. those who work on wall street say the protestors are targeting the wrong people. but new yorkers kelly atkinson who used to work in finance sympathizes with the crowd. he has been out of work for four months. >> you think the men and women up there are listening to what'
of us. >> carrie was picked up at his mansion, which is now subject to forfeetture. he pocketed $18 million himself. as a manager with the army corps of engineers as he certified the work was completed. the indictment alleges the four men scammed a $45 million contract to supply information technology and security to the corps. more than doubling the real cost and siphoning off the surplus into shell corporations. >> one of the most brazen federal procurement fraud scandals in our nation's history. >> men used the money to buy expensive real estate, bmw's, rolex, high end liquor, luxury hotel rooms and flat screen tv's. a fifth man, the chief technology officer at a software firm that may have done some work may be cooperating with prosecutors to break up the alleged conspiracy, but investigators refuse to say. >> not prepared to identify company a. >> prosecutors say the conspirators were waiting for a bigger payday. all of this made possible by the special rules congress set up for alaska native corporations. the contracts were steered through one based in dulles. congress set
-old son, william, is still missing tonight. because of the weather, scott broom is live. he joins us now by phone with the update. scott. >> thomas major, the police chief just gave us a briefing; announcing the number one priority for this police department is find this 11-year- old boy. they have arrested jane mcquain's estranged husband in north carolina. he was in an econolodge this morning with mcquain's car, which had also been reported missing. she was found dead in her apartment yesterday. her 11-year-old boy has not been seen for going on two weeks. here's what the chief had to say a few moments ago. >> this is -- these are pictures of william. our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez and we did not. so we are asking for the public's help in locating 11- year-old william mcquain. >> all right, that's chief thomas major talking about william mcquain and the arrest of curtis lopez, the estranged husband of jane mcquain. her body again found last night in her condominium. they are not sure how long she h
now. >> thank you, andrea. >>> well, a 4-year-old girl used mattresses to climb over the barricade of dry wall and now, the couple who put the two sisters there are facing the judge. >> reporter: a couple is undergoing drug treatment therapy inside the county jail. today, they plead guilty to three counts of felony child abuse. >> it's clear that it is a drug induced neglect. >> reporter: it's now clear to prosecutors that they are both guilty of felony child abuse. today, the two admitted to trapping moore's three young girls ages 4, 2, and just 4- months-old in an upstairs bedroom inside this bristol home while they went on a drug- induced binge. what is still unclear is if this mother will get her children back. and this is the second time that she has lost children to neglect. court records show in 2005 that christina moore lost her then 2- year-old twin boys after they were found wandering near the landfill while she laid passed out in a trailer nearby. >> and she should not have that. >> reporter: sentencing will be in january. 9news now. >>> a mixed day for the markets on wa
of the bill that they don't like, they should tell us what it is they are not willing to go for. they should tell us, you know, what it is that they are prepared to see move forward. >> and the president's $447 billion plan includes expanding the payroll tax cut and giving tax credits to employers who hire people who have been out of work for a while. >>> well, it there is just a bit of good news for the economic front tonight. and specifically, we are talking about prices at the gas pump. the national average for a gallon of regular unlead is down to $3.41. and this marks the 23rd consecutive drop from their daily survey. the prices are falling about 23 cents over that time. they find that our area has the worse congestion on the history. they need to broaden our thinking here if we want to make the traffic better. governor bob mcdonald announces a year-long study today that would take a look at commuting patterns in northern virginia. the super nova study will also look at the impacts for drivers, maryland, west virginia, d.c. the goal, to develop a plan to increase mobility and to give co
's what the jury is not hearing that has so many people upset. andrea mccarron joins us live to explain. >> the jury will not hear about jayna murray's calls to a coworker and manager to discuss brittney norwood's theft from the lululemon store. the jury did hear plenty of shocking new details. late this afternoon, a montgomery county police detective testified that on the night of the murder, apple store surveillance video showed two men, all dressed in black, wearing mask. that lead credibility to norwood's story. they through norwood on her body and told her it was all her fault. also revealed the most gruesome photo of the day, significantly more subdued in this sketch showing jayna murray's head completely unrecognizable. we learned that despite norwood telling police from her hospital bed she had not had sex recently, see man was found inside her body. the prosecution implied that norwood was so cunning, that may have been part of the plan lending greater credence to her tail of two masked intruders. a dna analyst testified that murray's finger nail clippings revealed only her own
is requested of us. >> reporter: you are going to be surprised if it turns out there were irregularities in the campaign? >> i'm surprised this thing happened in the first place. >> lorraine green the chairman of the great campaign has denied brown's claim she gave him money and that job. as on for harold brooks, 9 news now has never been able to contact him. sources say he has recorded at least one conversation already for prosecutors. we have been able to confirm those conversations were not with the mayor they were not with lorraine green. >> but bruce, what is the crime? you felt like so much, what is the crime? >> reporter: we were just talking about the money orders. it has been determined some of the names were not put there by people who have those names. that is a possibility of fraud, larceny, depending on where the money came from. then there is obstruction of justice fthey've got on wire people are conspiring they are coming up with the story, it is the cover-up. that is always the big charge and always what prosecutors go for. called the homerun. >> more to come. bruce johns
hallowe'en yet but topper has the forecast. give us the latest models. >> they are consistent. still looks like a big snow north and west. a big snow. gives you an idea how dynamic the system is. here is what we are thinking in terms of snowfall around the immediate metro area. south and east of i-95. maybe a trace. to maybe an inch. i think it will end in snow all the way down into st. mary's county before it gets out of here tomorrow night. but essentially in terms of the accumulation east of i-95 not that much. west including the district, gaithersburg, rockville, 1 to 3 inches. out no loudoun county west, up into hagerstown over to cumberland 6 inches. almost a lock at this point. already snowing in oakland, parts of west virginia. a couple of pictures from timberline in west virginia. already snowing there. it is on the way. we are still concerned about this though because of the potential for tree damage and then power outages. a lot of canopies still on the trees. and it is what happened in denver on monday could happen here. a warning for frederick county, loudoun coun
-year-old rory doyle functions at the level of a seven-year-old and uses metro access to get to the programs that help him. >> through a gps tracker. >> doyle was taken on a four hour ride to nowhere while his father followed tracking software on rory's phone. >> i was becoming concerned he was being abducted. >> advocate said it happens all the time to him. >> it's about one out of six coming home in the evening from montgomery county is what we call the grand tour. >> the dispatching software used by contractors. >> they are not judged by how long they have you, just if they pick you up on time. >> metro says spray has it wrong. dan provided data showing 98.81% of the time, metro access rides take the same time as the equivalent bus or rail trip. none of this excuses what happened to rory doyle, which metro has apologized for and is investigating. according to metro, dispatchers may have kept doyle on board in the cab while the driver picked up and delivered another client because they believed no one was home at rory's house. which was not the case. scott broom, 9ne
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